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Cropped resized 600Founded in 1973, MAU Workforce Solutions has grown over the years to become one of the nation’s top diversity-owned temporary staffing and recruiting agencies. We are a family-oriented organization that has built its foundation upon strong values of dedicated service, loyal relationships and tailored business solutions—all of which still remain today.

We recognize our “Consider it Done” methodology in everything we do—from consulting to customer service to implementing our custom staffing solutions. Trust us for exceptional service, and to get the job done.

MAU is a native-American owned business, and a certified minority supplier.

Learn more about our company’s foundation, and the values and principles it was built upon.

Our Staffing and Recruiting Expertise

With forty years of experience in recruiting and staffing, we understand that every business has different needs. That’s why we work with you to gain a strong understanding of your business goals and requirements, and develop a customized solution based on these factors.

We offer a full scope of premier staffing services to provide our clients with the competitive workforce advantage they need to grow:

We use Lean concepts and our Innovative Workforce Model in staffing and recruiting processes to develop and design custom staffing solutions centered on preserving value and increasing efficiency.

See how we recruit, hire and staff for businesses like yours, and what our solutions can do for your workforce.

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