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Outsourcing Division Expansion: How MAU Can Make Your Company More Competitive Today


Today, MAU President Randy Hatcher introduces the recent expansion of MAU's Outsourcing Division.

As an employer, how many days come to an end and you ask yourself, “What did I get done?”  To learn more about how MAU  can help make your company more competitive through this innovative approach, view this video!

Trusting in Your Lean System

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When reviewing your “Lean System”, think about how well it can (or cannot) identify problems and then solve them. For example, if you want to continue to move your lean system forward, contemplate how companies can better engage ’Hearts and Minds’ of their front line employees.

How 15 Minutes a Month Can Improve Your Workforce


A common challenge for most employers is keeping both their full-time and contract workers engaged and invested in the company long term. Problems that could have been handled and solved by a simple conversation can quickly escalate if they are not reported in a timely manner and allowed to continue. Employees who do not believe that their work is seen as a valuable contribution to the company can easily “check out” and only perform at the bare minimum; an action that can have an increasingly negative impact on the morale of the rest of your staff. Most companies have some sort of “open door policy” that is intended to ensure that the employee feels comfortable coming to his or her manager with a problem at any time—but what are you doing to reinforce this idea?

We Live Safety at MAU!

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At MAU, our first core value is “We Live Safety”! 

In order to get the most out of your contract workforce, we feel that safety must be a top priority for all employees.

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Benefits of Establishing an Outplacement Program


An established outplacement program can help to protect your business by minimizing possible financial and legal exposure, as well as avoiding costly or unnecessary civil litigations.

How to Deal with Personnel Issues in the Workplace

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Adam Hatcher, General Counsel for MAU Workforce Solutions, continues to share knowledge about Co-Employment in his latest blog.

Career Transition & Outplacement Services at MAU Workforce Solutions

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Are you prepared to transition your employees successfully from your business to a new opportunity, should a change in demand result in reduced headcount?

Not Forgotten Tried and True Methods for Cultivating Workplace Safety


In today’s modern world where creativity, ingenuity and pursuit of the “new” and “different” rule our psyche, do we hastily devalue classics?  Are the Proven, Tried and True too often passed over for the unique “new thing” that nobody has thought of yet?   

Is There a Fundamental Misunderstanding of Kaizen?


Is there a fundamental misunderstanding of Kaizen?  

Tips for Developing a Successful Relationship with Your Contract Workforce

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In the following video, MAU President Randy Hatcher explains how staffing providers and their clients must work together to achieve the best contract workforce possible.

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