The Birth of a New Workforce: 21st-Century Strategies That Will Revolutionize Your Business

A veteran in the staffing and outsourcing industries, Randall W. Hatcher has collected over thirty years of tested ideas for transforming companies and making them more competitive. In his book, The Birth of a New Workforce, he introduces a new workforce model that frees you to focus on what really matters—your value-added core functions—while third-party specialists manage the rest. Every part of your organization will operate at peak efficiency and expertise, giving you the edge you need to succeed in today’s global economy.

Hatcher will present the key ideas in his book, through an interactive and engaging presentation for attendees.

The Birth of a New Workforce presentation will help business professionals do the following:

  • Easily identify your core and noncore
  • Randy Hatcher business processes
  • Adopt a strategic approach to your workforce—and rocket ahead of your rivals
  • Run nimble and lean in a fast-paced, cutthroat marketplace
  • Take advantage of the evolution of the workforce to improve your bottom line
  • Select the best outsourced partners to manage your peripheral tasks

Filled with practical tools and bold solutions, this presentationis a must-see for all business leaders and their management teams.

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