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Common Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

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One of the most popular ways for a potential employer to begin a job interview is to ask you to divulge a few facts about yourself. This question can be quite frustrating, as it is never clear just what kinds of facts you should include, and how long your answer should be. Does your interviewer care that your ukulele band from college managed to produce an album and sold approximately 100 copies (including family)? Or that you once read Herman Melville’s Moby Dick cover to cover in under a week? While these can both be remarkable achievements on their own merits, they may not be the specific personal details that will help get you the job you are interviewing for. Here are a few tips to help you effectively answer this question.

How to Create a Targeted Résumé

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It’s already common practice to keep an updated résumé on file, but did you know that you might need more than one type? Depending on the variety of jobs that you apply for, you may need to create several distinctive versions that highlight specific aspects of your job experience. Some companies may place more value on a certain talent or capability, such as supervisory skills or a particular proficiency on the computer. Here are some tips for creating a targeted résumé that will help you capture the attention of an array of potential employers.

What to Do if You Don’t Get a Promotion


The feeling of rejection is hard to deal with, from not getting chosen for the kickball team in grade school, to not getting a promotion at work.  While you have probably realized that your popularity in grade school gym class has had little to no bearing on your adult existence, denial of a promotion has irrefutable influence on your career and your life.  How you handle this type of situation can directly affect the rest of your career. Here are some tips on how to improve your chances at earning the next promotion.

Common Interview Question: What are Your Weaknesses?


Inconsistencies…opportunities…deficiencies…it seems like every company has a different term for weaknesses.  When you are interviewing for a job, you are trying to present the most positive and capable version of yourself to a potential employer.  When he or she says, “Tell me about your opportunities,” it may seem counterintuitive to start talking about what you need to improve as opposed to selling the skills in which you are already proficient.  However, there is a specific reason that the interviewer is asking you this question, and your answer will tell him or her what kind of employee you will be if you are hired.

The Interview Before Your Job Interview

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It’s common knowledge that you should dress up for a job interview, but did you know that you should also consider what you wear when you’re picking up job applications or turning in your resume?  Potential employers are concerned as much (if not more) about your outfit when you’re asking them for a job as when you’re formally interviewing for one.  While it’s true that you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover, your potential employer will certainly judge what kind of employee you might be by what you wear when you come in to introduce yourself and deliver your resume (if possible).

Job Interviews: How to Beat the Competition!

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The New Year presents a chance for job seekers to jump back into the job market with a renewed sense of vigor. In order to begin a new career, job seekers must complete job applications, as well as in-person interviews. Incorporate the following tips into your next interview and stand out amongst the crowd!

10 Professional Resolutions for 2014

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The New Year presents the perfect opportunity to start moving your career in the right direction.  A change in direction might involve a pay raise, promotion, or even a new career! Whatever the case, the following tips will ensure a successful start to 2014.

4 Tips to Ensure Your Holiday Job Search Keeps Moving Forward


One of the biggest mistakes a job seeker can make is to let the holiday season distract them from their job search! Use the following tips to make sure you keep your job search moving forward and end the year strong.

How to Get a Job!


Are you looking for work or do you have a friend or family member who is? If so, this video blog can help with some encouragement!

Using LinkedIn to Get an Employer's Attention

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How can you ensure that an employer will review your resume? The answer is simple. Have the document referred to HR from a past or present employee of the company you wish to work for. While this task might seem strenuous, LinkedIn has made it easy to connect with employees all over the world!

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