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How to Access Your MAU Employee Portal

MAU uses the Employee Portal for most employee communication, pay stub retrieval, W2 retrieval and handling of required document completion via eDocuments. Becoming accustomed to the portal is vital, and you should ensure you do not forget your login credentials.

Visit: http://www.mau.com/portal

Please enter the login credentials you created when first applying online. Save your login credentials in a safe and memorable place for easy retrieval if you happen to forget them in the future. 

If you are trying to access the portal to complete required eDocuments and you are having issues viewing the documents, please ask your MAU contact to help you.

You can recover your lost or forgotten credentials if you provided a valid e-mail address when setting up your account with MAU. Use the 'Can't access account?' link, select ‘Forgot Username & Password’ and you will be sent directions for resetting your password to your e-mail address that is on file.

Please Note:  If you have already logged into the new system, you may have changed your password.   If you have forgotten your password and your e-mail address, visit http://www.mau.com/technical-help or call 706-823-2393 from 8-5 Monday-Friday for assistance.