Employee Portal Login Instructions

Attention MAU Workforce Solutions Employees: You will now have access to an "MAU Employee Portal" where you will be able to see paystubs, personal contact information, current and past assignments, and more! 

Visit the MAU Employee Portal at www.mau.com/portal and follow the one of the login options below:

Option #1:

  • Username: First Name + Last Name + Last 4 Digits of Social Security #

  • Password: Social Security # 

  • Example: Jim Smith, whose SSN is 123456789 would login with:

    • Username: jimsmith6789 

    • Password: 123456789 

Option #2:

  • Username: First Name + Last Name

  • Password: Email Address (no caps)

  • Example: Jim Smith whose email address is jim@gmail.com would login with:

    • Username: jimsmith

    • Password: jim@gmail.com

If neither option works for you, please contact your MAU Branch


  • If you have apostrophes or hyphens in your name - leave them out. 
  • Use lowercase letters. 
  • If you have already logged into the new system, you may have changed your password.
  • If you can't login using the information above, please contact the MAU branch nearest you.