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How You Access Your MAU Paystub is Changing

After January 16, 2012, MAU Employees (and past employees) can only access their new paystub information on the New MAU Employee Portal. Please read the directions below to access your paystub.  

1. Visit: http://www.mau.com/employees


2. Please enter the following for your pre-generated Username and Password - one of the options below should work - if neither work, please contact your local MAU Branch.

Option #1:

    • Username: First Name + Last Name + Last 4 Digits of Social Security #
    • Password: Social Security # 
    • Example: Jim Smith, whose SSN is 123456789 would login with:
      • Username: jimsmith6789 
      • Password: 123456789 

Option #2:

    • Username: First Name + Last Name
    • Password: Email Address (no caps)
    • Example: Jim Smith whose email address is jim@gmail.com would login with:
      • Username: jimsmith
      • Password: jim@gmail.com

3. You will be asked to change your password, then to login again with your new password.

4. When you see this screen, click “Pay History”. Enter the appropriate dates and search.

screen 1

5. Initial 2011 W-2 forms will be mailed to employees no later than Jan 31st.  If you do not receive it by February 10th, you may fill out this W-2 Request Form at www.mau.com/w2.


  • If you have apostrophes or hyphens in your name - leave them out of your username. 
  • Use lowercase letters. 
  • If you have already logged into the new system, you may have changed your password. 
  • If you can't login using the information above, please contact the MAU branch nearest you.
  • You will continue to receive your pay in the same manner that you currently receive it.