MAU Safety Board of Advisors

MAU Workforce Solutions, a staffing and recruiting firm based in Augusta, GA has recently launched its Safety Board of Advisors. These safety professionals are helping to ensure MAU’s safety programs are benefiting its customers including: applicants, clients and employees. MAU Workforce Solutions is excited about the opportunity to work with those so highly respected within the safety industry.

Board Members:

1. Rob Loose- MAU Workforce Solutions, Safety and Risk Manager

2. Mary Dunbar- Kimberly Clark, Loss Control Leader

3. Andrew Walker-  BMW Manufacturing, Safety Manager

4. Randy Tindell- JW Aluminum, ES&H Manager

5. Brent Morris- Augusta National, Safety Manager

6. Jimmy Guyton- Alcoa Mt. Holley, Contractor Safety Manager

7. Bruce Morgan- ELANCO

8. Charlie Young- Corporate Safety Manager, U.S. Operations, Milliken & Company

9. Jay Nuckols- Bosch, Manager Health, Safety & Environmental

10. John Beaudry– Gallagher Bassett Risk Control, Consultant

MAU Safety Corner

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Not Forgotten Tried and True Methods for Cultivating Workplace Safety

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In today’s modern world where creativity, ingenuity and pursuit of the “new” and “different” rule our psyche, do we hastily devalue classics?  Are the Proven, Tried and True too often passed over for the unique “new thing” that nobody has thought of yet?   

The Journey of Safety Continuous Improvement through Analytics

Safety data

A good friend of mine, a safety professional, often tells me that his effectiveness as an ESH professional at his organization is coming to an end.  You see, the company he serves has seen a fantastic improvement and they are nearing a zero-injury state.  In my friend’s mind, his usefulness to the business for which he works is extinguishing as they approach achieving sustaining zero injuries.  My friend envisions himself as a craftsman skilled in the art of safety culture repair, a journeyman gifted in rehabilitating organizations that suffer from unbridled risk acceptance and careless safety practices.  He repairs these problems and once they are fixed, in his mind, his job is complete – time to move on!

Give Hand Safety a Hand

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Can I give you a hand with that?  When I hear this always-welcome offer to lend assistance, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that help has arrived.  Hands are truly helpful, and it’s no surprise to me that the hands were the part of the human anatomy selected over all other parts to mean the same thing as “help” in this often-recited question.  Here’s another popular acclamatory phrase that uses hands to symbolize praise: “Congratulations, let’s give him/her a hand!”  In this call for a congratulatory gesture, “hand” symbolizes an expression of approval in the form of applause.  Who doesn’t like to be given a hand (i.e., applause)?   Clapping hands create a delightful noise that we’re taught from an early age to respond to with encouraging satisfaction.  Clap for a little baby and you’ll see my point.  Our hands are so versatile and play such an important role in our day-to-day lives.  It’s no wonder that the familiar phrase “I got to hand it to you” assigns the hand the important responsibility of symbolizing credit.  You got to hand it to the hand: they are handy.  Another one!  This time, the hand symbolizes usefulness.  With all these positive symbols we assign to our hands, you can’t deny that hands are important, right?

Return of the Blame Zone

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Shouting and arguing is no fun at all.  One question that often leads to arguments between little kids is:  “Who’s responsible for this mess?”  This question is typically followed by little fingers accusingly pointing in different directions joined by shouting and arguing.  I call this the “Blame Zone.”  In this instance, discovering who created the mess may be impossible to figure out.  The Blame Zone is annoying with kids but when adults get stuck in a Blame Zone the finger pointing may become down right ugly! 

Safety Identity - Who are You?

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Do you listen to classic rock?  I freely admit that I do quite regularly.  I love to hear Roger Daltrey of The Who bellow this probing question: Who are you?  Since 1978 this all-to-well-known, progressive rock anthem has managed to intrigue bell-bottom-clad rockers both old and young with that pretty-darn-good question that we should make it a point to evaluate periodically: Who are you?  Think about it, to satisfactorily answer this deep query into one’s self requires more than just an obvious name response like Buba O’Riley, Dr. Jimmy or Boris the Spider.  Name only is an insufficient answer if we aim to truly understand the who-are-you puzzle.  In fact, to quench the parched thirst of a sincere identity examination, one must gaze deeply into the soul, far, far behind those blue eyes to grasp the complete answer. 

Safety Introvert’s Quiet Message

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Wallflowers are under appreciated.  I’m not talking about the rock band fronted by Jakob Dylan, son of 60’s Rock legend Bob Dylan.  No…  I’m talking about the unassuming, shy, serious, soft-spoken, thoughtful folks that would rather read a book than attend a party.  You know, the sort of introspective-types that tend to spend their energy quietly going about their days inconspicuously.  These docile listeners are commonly labeled “introverts.”  It’s a shame that society mistakenly overlooks these quiet ones’ contributions and overly acknowledges and rewards the aggressive, outspoken, hard-charging social go-getters.  Think about it:  the social spot-light shines brightest on the accomplishments of successful attention seekers like Donald Trump, Shaquille O’Neal and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – all unashamed extraverts.  At the same time, society doesn’t often immediately recall the quiet, yet significant, accomplishments of Warren Buffet, John Stockton and Rosa Parks – all accomplished introverts.    

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Lagging Indicators – It Was What it Was

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It is what it is.  A bold, commonly used statement that attempts to establish, with finality, all that sums up “it.”  And that is, what “it” is.  Hah!  I like it!  It feels tantalizingly satisfying to utter the words again and again.  And the versatility…  “It is what it is” can be used so many ways: a warning statement, a pitiful excuse or even a desperate plea for help.  However, I confess the way in which this conclusive statement is used occasionally lends itself to much confusion, especially if it is used creatively.  No matter how many times this shining A-list statement is unabashedly, clearly declared and at times unapologetically misused, you must agree that it is always refreshing to say, “It is what it is,” and that is yummy to my lexicon! 

Lucky in Safety

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Feeling Lucky?  I am!  Why you ask?  Because I am a proud Seattle Seahawks fan and for years I have endured disappointing football seasons, been the recipient of countless jokes and even received an occasional sympathy from more successful NFL football team fans.   A few weeks ago, my Seahawks played the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night football.  That night, the whole world (seriously – have you seen NFL viewer rating?) watched a close game that came down to the final play where a hail mary pass was thrown into Seattle’s end zone.  Packers and Seahawks scrummed for position then jumped in the air to grab hold of that ball sailing toward them.  At first, a Seahawk receiver looked like he had the ball. As the players collided and fell back to earth, the ball appeared to be in the grasp of a Packer.  I sighed with disappointment like I’m used to doing during Seahawks games, when I noticed one referee (one of those replacement guys) signaled touchdown!  To my amazement, the play was ruled a touchdown and the Seahawks won!  Lucky?  Undoubtedly so!  ESPN has since showed the replay countless times, and I see a Packer with that ball and not a Seahawk.  The win doesn’t really seem like it belongs to Seattle so am I embarrassed with that win?  Slightly, but I push my embarrassment aside and embrace my reflective success, call it luck and graciously accept the win.  Praise the football gods:  the Seahawks got lucky and won due to a bad call! 

Sleeping for Safety

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Have you recovered yet from lack of sleep due to late nights spent watching the Summer Olympics?  I finally have thanks to my new, ultra-comfortable memory foam mattress.  There are few adequate words to express the dreamy bliss of the soft - yet firm - cool magic nest that is my new mattress.  Can you tell I love this mattress?  After 14 long years sleeping on a spring mattress, my wife and I purchased our new, amazing bed a day before the summer games began in London; hence, my conflict.  I also love the Olympics!  I can’t find sufficiently satisfying superlatives to describe the awesomeness of all that the Olympics represent.  It’s drama of the highest order where elite athletes compete as titans on a world stage with their country’s hopes and reputation at stake. 

MAU Hosts OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Course September 18-19 in Augusta

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MAU Workforce Solutions will be hosting an OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Course at the Marion Hatcher Center in Augusta, GA.

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