MAU Strategic Staffing Solutions

MAU has the industry expertise to connect you with only the most qualified candidates to fit your team, or to bring our specialized, in-house services to your business. We work with you to define and understand your business needs and goals, and develop a customized staffing or management solution that aligns with your objectives.


Innovative Workforce

We offer the following services:

  • Temporary Staffing—Fill your demand for temporary staffing, which can include special projects, seasonal peaks, unexpected staff shortages and more.
  • Professional Recruiting—Find the right applicant for your position without wasting time or resources. MAU recruits for direct hires, temporary or contracted positions and executive professionals.
  • Outsourced Services—Outsource your business' day-to-day responsibilities to our project management team so your staff can utilize its time most efficiently.
  • Outplacement Services—Offer effective career transition assistance and programs to your valued employees, and create a trusting business environment.
  • Managed Services—Trust our highly qualified employees to handle and optimize your business' vendor management services, and communicate with internal teams.
  • Personnel Testing and Assessment—Ensure that you find and hire the most qualified individuals for your positions with our skills assessment services.

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