What Is The Innovative Workforce Model?

Staffing trends have dramatically changed over the past several decades, and have since evolved into a flexible, fluid design—the Innovative Workforce model—that is able to accommodate each business’ different staffing needs.

The Innovative Workforce model is our original, revolutionary business concept that is the next step in workforce trends. This adaptable take on staffing combines the needs of traditional staffing with other key components and services, to create an all-encompassing solution that changes alongside your business.

History Behind the Innovative Workforce Model

The Patriarchal Workforce Model consisted of full-time, regular employees, and proved to be expensive, inflexible and inefficient. Employees stayed with a single company for most of their lives, retired and collected pensions. This model had no buffer against market fluctuations; when demands increased, companies had to deal with understaffing issues, and vice versa.

Patriarchal Model2

The Staffing Workforce Model gained popularity due to its ability to help businesses respond to change. Businesses began to adopt the idea of hiring temporary help to handle seasonal, economic or productivity changes, which inevitably saved time and money. While this model seemed

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In comes the Innovative Workforce Model—a new solution that includes temporary staffing for core and non-core functions, but also utilizes a combination of additional workforce solutions, such as outsourcing or managed services. This idea of flexible, customized business solutions allow you to maximize productivity, efficiency and use of resources.

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The MAU Strategic Process

In addition to the Innovative Workforce model, we implement other Lean concepts in our staffing and recruiting processes. We develop and design custom staffing solutions centered on preserving value and increasing efficiency with less wasted resources, and rely on this model to ensure project management and execution runs smoothly.

We’ll help you accommodate your business’ changes with ease, so you can focus on business-critical functions.

See how we recruit, hire and staff for businesses like yours, and what our solutions can do for your workforce.

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