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On-Demand Webinars

Webinar: You, Your Contract Workforce and the ADA

When employers contract part of their workforce, they expect to outsource some of their employment practices liability as well.  Too often, though, employers find themselves caught in ADA charges, even though the claimant worked for their workforce solutions firm. How does this happen?  What ADA obligations does the EEOC require employers to extend to everyone under their roof? Tune in to learn. 

Webinar: How to Have Little to No EPL Claims: Reducing Your Liability with a Flexible Workforce

According to Co-Employment Facts and Solutions, written by ASG, Inc. Co-Employment “is a legal doctrine which applies when two businesses exert some control over an employee’s work or working conditions”. In MAU Workforce Solutions’ webinar we de-mystify the topic of Co-Employment, and provide you with practical ways to reduce legal trouble by managing a flexible workforce.

Co-Employment, Safety, and Getting the Most Out of Your Contract Workforce