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Making the Most out of Job Fairs
March 15, 2013 3:07:00 AM

Job fairs are excellent venues that allow you to network, market yourself, and possibly obtain employment. It can be difficult, however, to make lasting impressions when employers are meeting dozens of applicants at once. The following tips will help job seekers to stand out among the crowd!


Do Your Research

It is common for employers to post information online about job fairs, job openings, etc. Prior to arriving at the job fair, spend time online learning about the companies that will be attending, as well as their open positions. Doing so will help you plan which companies to visit once arriving at the job fair. Also, it is possible that employers will conduct on-the-spot interviews, so be prepared!

Gear Up

Have at least 25 copies of your resume with you in order to demonstrate how motivated, prepared, and eager you are to begin work. If you have business cards, bring as many as you can! Don’t forget to bring pens, pencils, and a notepad in a portfolio or briefcase. You should be ready to complete applications on-the-spot, so remember to bring all of the information you need to do so.

Arrive Early

Always arrive early! Visit each company you are interested in, and make sure to spend enough time with the representatives for them to understand why you’re interested in working for their company. With that said, don’t over stay your welcome! Employers have dozens of applicants to meet, so be respectful of their time. Before leaving, ask if it’s okay to send the representative a follow-up letter. This will reconfirm your interest in obtaining employment.

Collect Business Cards

Just as you should distribute business cards you have, make sure to gather contact information as you visit employers. It’s also recommended to follow-up with a thank-you letter within 24-48 hours unless the employers have stated not to contact them. Doing so will display professionalism, as follow-ups are often expected.

Jobs don’t just fall into your lap. Sitting around and hoping for a job won’t get you hired either. Instead, take advantage of every opportunity you come across, especially job fairs! By planning and preparing well ahead of time, you will find employment.


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