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Crafting a Thank You Letter
April 18, 2013 3:30:00 AM

After spending time and effort searching, securing, and preparing for an interview, you may be tempted to relax after it’s over. However, there are a couple more things to be done. The first thing you should do after you leave an interview is send a thank you note to the personthat interviewed you.


The note will serve two main purposes. First, it will show the recruiter that you appreciate the time and opportunity that you received from them. Second, the note will provide a reminder of who you are. Recruiters rarely interview just one applicant daily, so take this note as an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates. 


Here are five tips to keep in mind while constructing a thank you letter:

1)      Keep it short

2)      Use correct grammar and spelling

3)      Send the letter within 24 hours

4)      Address the recipient by name

5)      Provide contact information under your signature


Dear Mr. [Recruiter],

Thank you for taking time to interview me for the role of [position] on [date].

I am excited to have the opportunity of possibly joining the [department name] team at [company name].

I believe my [particular skills & experience] make me a great candidate for the job.

I appreciate the opportunity to interview with you. I look forward to hearing from you.



Don’t forget that this note will be received by the person with the power to decide whether or not you get the job, so it is important to maintain the same professionalism you displayed in the interview. Pay attention to the recruiter’s tone during your interview and incorporate that accordingly while developing your letter.


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