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Effectively Using LinkedIn
June 28, 2013 11:32:00 AM

Even if you are not currently in the market for a new career opportunity, it is important to stay up-to- date on LinkedIn.  It’s a great networking tool, and it’s free except for your time investment!

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

Regularly view and update your profile

You never know if a key contact may be connected to you through LinkedIn and looking at your profile.  Or, what if a recruiter is searching for someone to fill the perfect job opening for you and you haven’t updated your experience? 

Make sure your profile is updated to reflect your experience to date in your career.  Don’t only include what you have done, but what you do and why someone would benefit from talking to you.  Focus on the services you provide and show what makes you stand out from others within your field.

Carefully choose your connections-

LinkedIn is for professional networking, so set this as your strategy.  Worthwhile connections are key so choose quality over quantity.  Think of both the long and short-term potential for the connection.  When you meet someone and send an invitation to connect, include a personal note or message stating how you know the person or why they should connect with you.  Stay away from the canned invitations unless you know someone extremely well.  Remember that second and third-level connections can be valuable as well, and your mutual first-level connection can help make an introduction.

Stay Engaged-

Use LinkedIn to grow your personal brand.   Join groups related to your industry or field of expertise.  Stay active in the groups by posting questions or comments and sharing articles.   Follow thought leaders on LinkedIn to see how their blogs and suggestions can help you.  Be consistent, credible, and knowledgeable so that you can be seen as a go-to person for your peers.


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