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Are You Currently Unemployed? Stay Busy!
July 18, 2013 11:45:00 AM

 We all appreciate time off from work. However, for those dealing with unemployment, time off can lead to disaster if not handled properly.

The search for employment should function much like a traditional job. It takes discipline, hard work, and dedication to secure an opportunity.

To avoid monotony and boredom while searching for your next job opportunity, try the following:

  • Develop a job search schedule that includes set hours, just as if you were employed and currently earning a paycheck. For example, you might consider searching for jobs between 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, to keep yourself used to traditional work hours.

  • Strive for productivity, even if your job search is slow. For example, continue to get up early, exercise, attend social events, etc. Doing so will help with the downtime between jobs, as well as keep structure and order within your daily life.

  • Constantly work to find new job boards, create new business contacts, and join new professional networking groups. Not doing so will lead to a stale job search. As always, you need to be your own advocate! One way to accomplish this is to continually widen your network.

Developing a schedule, striving for productivity, and developing new contacts will help job seekers to find a position as quickly as possible, and thus, avoid long periods of unemployment!


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