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How to Concentrate Within a Distracting Work Environment
July 19, 2013 11:48:00 AM


For those working within a distracting environment, accomplishing even the simplest of tasks can become quite difficult. To remain productive at all times, employees should consider implementing the following ideas:

  • Earplugs/Earphones 

    Purchasing earplugs or earphones may help to reduce the ambient noise and chitchat that pollutes the work environment on a daily basis. Play soft, classical music through earphones for an increased sense of calm during working hours.

  • Speak Up

    There’s nothing wrong with explaining to your co-workers, or superiors, that you desire an increased level of peace and quiet in the workplace. Remind these individuals that your goal is to achieve as much as possible, and that a change in the work environment will help you do so.

  • Avoid Social Media

    Unless using social media sites is part of your job description, refrain from using social media during the work day. It’s easy to waste 15 minutes here and there checking Facebook or Twitter, when you should be working!

  • Leave the Office

    If you’re unable to concentrate at the office, ask to leave! Many individuals find working from home, a local coffee shop, or library to be much quieter than a traditional office setting.

The next time your work environment is lacking peace and quiet, remember to bring earphones, express your desire for improvement, avoid social media, and if necessary, leave the office!


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