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How to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Headline
August 26, 2013 12:16:00 PM

The LinkedIn Headline is one of the strongest tools that you have at your disposal within your LinkedIn profile.  It is the first piece of information that recruiters see when they view your profile, so you want to show them something that catches their attention and makes them to want to search through the rest of your information.  To help your headline reach its fullest potential, try the following tips:

Market Yourself

Sell your unique skill set to an employer; don’t just list your job title.  Answer these questions: Why should they give you an initial meeting? What do you bring to the table if they hire you?  To help shorten this information, list your assets in order of importance and choose the top two or three.

Target Your Career Field

Keep your headline targeted to your career field.  Include keywords that a recruiter is likely to use when searching for your specialty.  Rise above your competition by using some creativity in your headline, but remember not to let your imagination go overboard.

Make a Long Story Short

120 characters can go quickly, but it’s plenty of room to make a statement about yourself and your qualifications.  Reflect on how you got to where you are in your career, as well as what you are capable of doing for an employer in the future. 

When you are ready to update your headline,

  • Log in to LinkedIn and select the Profile menu and then click Edit Profile

  • Click the Edit button next to your name

  • To simplify the process, first compose your headline in Word so you can see how many characters you have used and then cut and paste it into the LinkedIn Headline subheading.

  • Finally, save your changes and you’re finished!


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