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Job Interviews: How to Beat the Competition!
January 16, 2014 2:34:00 PM

The New Year presents a chance for job seekers to jump back into the job market with a renewed sense of vigor. In order to begin a new career, job seekers must complete job applications, as well as in-person interviews. Incorporate the following tips into your next interview and stand out amongst the crowd!

1. Have Confidence.

Be confident in yourself and your skills.  You’ve made it this far for a reason.  Job interviews are the one time in life where it is an acceptable practice to brag about your accomplishments!

2. Knowledge Is Power.

Thanks to the internet, the knowledge you need to prepare for your interview is just a click away.  Use Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to educate yourself. It is important to learn everything you can about the employer, hiring manager, leadership, etc.

3. Be Memorable.

Make yourself stand out and ensure your interviewer will remember you after you leave.  Find something about yourself that makes you unique and mention it when it feels right during your interview.  There is no one else like you, so make sure your personality comes through.

4. Break A Leg.

As stressed or nervous as you may be, don’t forget to smile and breathe during your interview.  Go into the interview knowing that it is just an interview.  Believe it or not, it’s not the end of the world! There will be other interviews…so relax, go in there and be yourself!


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