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Career Tips: 5 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile
July 20, 2015 7:20:58 PM


LOOKING FOR A NEW CAREER? Perhaps you graduated back in May and haven’t found that ideal opportunity or you’re looking to start something new. Whichever side you’re on, here’s how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s various features and get noticed! 

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools for job seekers. With over 360 million users, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using this powerful tool. It offers everything you need to show off your personal brand at NO COST to you!

If you haven’t already jumped on the LinkedIn train, join now but be sure to read these 4 ways to take advantage of its features and get noticed! 

1. Show off your skill set to prospective employers and recruiters. 

Showing off skills, both technical and soft, has never been easier. On LinkedIn, you can add as many skills as you want to your profile. If you’ve made connections with former managers and coworkers, they can even endorse your skills, adding to your credibility and giving potential employers more confidence in your abilities. 

2. Follow your favorite companies to receive updates and news. 

If tthere are particular companies you are interested in working for, follow them! This will allow you to receive news and updates regarding open positions. Many companies post positions directly on their profiles, as well as company announcements or happenings. This could also help you get to know a company’s culture! 

3. Connect with potential employers or key contacts through messaging. 

If you find someone you want to reach out to, whether it’s a potential employer or recruiter that can help you find the right job, most of the time, you can send them a message directly.

4. If possible, add examples of your work. 

When you add a current or former job to your LinkedIn profile, you can upload files of completed projects or links to published work. By showing potential employers example of past work, you can give them an idea of your experience before speaking directly. For example, if you are applying for a digital marketing position that may require experience with blogs or social media, you can include links to both professional and personal blogs and/or Facebook pages to show your work. If you’re applying for a project management position, upload reports or presentations. 

5. Complete your profile! 

Probably the most important way to take advantage of LinkedIn is to use the profile completeness tool. LinkedIn makes it easy to ensure your profile gets noticed; however, you have to make sure your profile is as complete as possible. Make sure your job descriptions and past work include any accomplishments and keywords.  Recruiters can search for candidates using those keywords, so you want to make sure they can find you! 

Let’s face it: job searching can be difficult! Fortunately, with tools like LinkedIn, you can connect with people in your industry and show employers why you are a great candidate. 

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