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Job Market Survival: Handling Common Interview Questions
January 17, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Can you Handle These Interview Questions?

Whether you have been in the job market for years or you’re just entering into the workforce, properly responding to an interview question can be tricky. When an employer asks these 10 common interview questions, do you know how to respond? Find out how with Part II of MAU’s Job Market Survival Series!



#1. “Tell me about yourself”

Most people feel fairly comfortable when discussing themselves. To craft the perfect response to this question, only stay on this subject for one to two minutes. Be logical in your approach. You can start anywhere, for example, high school, college, or your first position. The interviewer is looking for strong communication skills and linear thinking. For an added bonus, try to score a point or two with the interviewer by describing a defining personal attribute or soft skill you possess. For additional guidance, use the graphic below!

Interview Flow Guide.png



Click the image above to download the answers to these 10 interview questions!


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