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Branch Spotlight: Anderson, SC
July 11, 2019 12:43:05 PM

Anderson, SC is home to the third established branch of  MAU Workforce Solutions. The Electric City has been home to MAU since 1991. 

While Anderson is the smallest of the three primary cities that make up the Upstate region, it has big job opportunities! The MAU Anderson team works tirelessly to help provide new career options to their residents, because we know there is power in our people in the Electric City.

welcome to anderson


Welcome to Anderson, SC!

Located right off of  Highway 28, the Anderson Branch allows convenient access for our clients, applicants, and our employees. MAU Anderson is staffed by four members of the MAU family. Each employee brings their own special talents, skills, and personality traits to the table. The Anderson team joins together to accomplish goals and makes lives better in their community

Meet the MAU Anderson Family!

Carrie Radford – Operations Manager

Carrie Radford - Operations Manager

Carrie began her career at MAU in 2006 when she started as a Staffing Specialist. Carrie now leads our Anderson team as the Operations Manager. Her favorite MAU memory is walking through the door and feeling like she’s coming home. 

Carrie’s favorite part of the job is her team. They all know each other so well that they are basically family. This love for a close knit relationship extends to her affection for the small town and community she calls home. 

Fun Fact: Carrie secretly got married on New Year’s Eve!


Brenda Johnson – Branch Coordinator

Brenda Johnson Branch Coordinator

Brenda has been with MAU for the past 11 years as a Branch Coordinator. She loves the Anderson office because of the closeness she has with her co-workers. Brenda appreciates that MAU has allowed her to find a way to incorporate her faith with her work.

The best part of her job is being able to reward people for all of their hard work. Brenda’s favorite MAU memory is when a co-worker put on a puppet show for some of the local children. The kids loved it! 


Amanda “Mandy” Jordan – Staffing Specialist

Amanda Jordan- Staffing SpecialistMandy joined the MAU family in 2014 as an Administrative Assistant and has since transferred into to a Staffing Specialist position. She loves being able to help people find a position when they are really in need of a job, bettering their life. Mandy loves that what she does at MAU has a direct effect on people’s families. Her favorite MAU memory was the first annual celebration she attended. She loved being able to meet individuals from other locations.

Fun fact: Mandy sang at Disney World through choral group in high school. She sang show tunes in an act called Oklahoma! This was her first trip to Disney!


Kennedy Hughes – Receptionist

Kennedy Hughes- Receptionist

Kennedy has been with MAU since the beginning of 2019 as a Receptionist. She loves being able to expand her skill set and engage with the public in a different avenue than before. Her favorite part of the Anderson location is how close she has become to her co-workers.  

Kennedy’s favorite MAU memory is from when she was going through our on-boarding program CHOP. She remembers looking out on the dance floor and in the middle was the President bustin’ a move. She had never worked for a company like MAU before, and she thought he would be reserved. Kennedy was pleasantly surprised when she saw him having fun with the newer employees. Her favorite part of working at MAU is helping people find jobs and seeing their gratitude and excitement.

Fun Fact: Kennedy has an almost 2 year old little girl, Raeleigh.


The Team’s Favorite Parts of Anderson



 Downtown Anderson is full of amazing restaurants, hotels and stores! There is always something going on so check out the event {{cta(‘d3e6bb43-255a-4497-81c8-3bcd083a64c1’)}} when planning your visit! They have live music, cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, and events for all age groups! 




If you’re looking for a unique find, Apple Dumplin’ Antique Mall is the place to go! They always have the perfect piece to complete your home! You never see the same thing twice in this 14,000 square foot extraordinary antique market.



wrens parkDo you love being outdoors? Take a stroll in Carolina Wrens Park! The Anderson team suggests this beautiful location to stop and enjoy the fresh air. You can grab a blanket and have a picnic while the kids enjoy the splash pad.


For more information on the Anderson branch and to view available job opportunities, head over to {{cta(‘1c93bcaa-cf99-4943-a216-c01f44838a61’)}}. For more on the Anderson area and upcoming events, check out {{cta(‘b9e7a172-3797-494a-8ccb-d352854a71d6’)}}.