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Resources for Those Who Lost Their Job Due to COVID-19
June 1, 2020 11:45:00 AM

Since the middle of March, millions have applied for unemployment. Even if you personally haven’t lost your job, you probably know several people who have or have been furloughed as a result of the shutdowns due to COVID-19. 

Even though businesses in some states are starting to reopen, many are still without jobs. Others whose places of employment are reopening may be concerned about going back to work. Both of these situations are very serious and understandable. 

MAU is making every effort to help in this concerning time. If your job has been impacted by a shutdown, here are five resources that you can use to get the assistance you need to make it through this distressing time.

1) Government Assistance

The economy has had a harsh recession since the middle of March. The global economy went from one of its best economic times to one of the worst since the Great Depression. Since March, the U.S. government has been working on bills to help assist not only large companies, but small businesses and individuals as well. As a result, many Americans received a $1200 stimulus check in April.  

During this time, many are turning to unemployment to help them pay their bills until it’s safe for them to return to work. Other programs offer help with additional necessities like food assistance through {{cta(‘4876a245-1a5b-41d5-ab70-1376a62d233e’)}} or {{cta(’49fb3938-2848-49df-9a6e-543eb780b22a’)}}, housing assistance, and more. Visit {{cta(‘651278be-f37a-4fbd-a714-c41310d28d5a’)}} to determine what government benefits are available to you based on your state and needs.

2) United Way

{{cta(‘01623d50-733b-481c-923b-8c467a8f6e1c’)}} is a great resource in communities all over the world. With 1,800 different locations, each United Way chapter is focused on making a difference and providing for the people in its local community. 

United Way can provide financial assistance for medical issues including medication coverage and more. The most common way United Way encourages people to contact them is by dialing their three-digit help number, 2-1-1. When you call this number, you will receive access to health and human resources that will be able get you the assistance you need.

3) Local Food Banks

Local food banks around the world are working hard to ensure everyone has access to the nutrition they need. For example, Golden Harvest Food Bank is providing nutritious meals to those in need in 25 counties across Georgia and South Carolina by partnering with local grocery stores and organizations in these communities.

While their services have shifted to ensure the safety of the volunteers and those they are serving, help is still available in many of their locations. They are now providing the following:

  • No-contact, drive-thru Mobile Market food distributions
  • Senior Nutrition programs that offer meals and grocery boxes to seniors in need
  • Supplemental food to children during critical meal gaps
  • Extra food to the network of 175 Community Partners in the 25 counties they serve
  • {{cta(‘052861f8-2145-4f3f-b7c7-4629c62bcf2f’)}}

Visit {{cta(‘314182d5-cb6e-4291-94ee-e271bc9f76e1’)}} to learn more about how you can receive assistance.

4) Salvation Army

The {{cta(‘830a702b-e14f-46f0-9fa0-974b9f3d1815’)}} not only runs a popular thrift store, but they also help those in their communities work towards long-term stability by providing short-term assistance. Services may vary by location, but some of the more common services that many Salvation Army stores provide include, free food from a pantry, rental assistance, clothing, Family Stores, funds for paying utility or heating bills, and free prescription vouchers. 

5) MAU Workforce Solutions

As a staffing agency, MAU is in a special place to be able to assist you with finding a new job! Our {{cta(‘9ee941a8-fd33-4a5f-bd98-b083ee5aed1e’)}} is geo-targeted in order to show you the jobs that are currently available closest to you. Once you apply, our Staffing Specialists will conduct a phone interview to discuss the position. Additionally, in some of our areas, we also have Job Placement Specialists who help match you to the job that is the best fit for you, based on your education background and experience. 

Even during this challenging time we are continually hiring because we have partnered with companies who are making products essential to our daily lives, including {{cta(‘2c574d6f-069e-4dcd-bcb3-f986eb2d3ba8’)}} and that elusive {{cta(‘381a1f4b-7e32-49a7-afbc-79071439b6fa’)}}! 

In addition to our job board, don’t forget to check out other job boards like {{cta(‘4db8ed09-b214-40b8-9c30-486edcf197e1’)}}, {{cta(‘65647f74-dd60-48c3-a343-ce1c44dc113e’)}}, or your state’s {{cta(’12a187f7-6926-4cc7-9c31-8e2e2cf036fc’)}}. They will also have resources to assist you in finding a new job. 

Whether it’s helping you find a new job or directing you to a public resource to help you get the assistance you or your family needs, MAU’s goal is to help make your life better during this trying time. 

If there are any other resources that you think we should add to this list, let us know {{cta(‘f59b4049-cf0e-483f-863e-bacbef29817b’)}} so we can share them with others. For more information on how to rebound after losing your job, check out this {{cta(’23f459d3-3480-4ccf-acca-feb6215254eb’)}} on bouncing back into the workforce!



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