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MAU Core Values: We Honor the Unique Worth of Each Person and Relationship We Develop with Them
July 29, 2021 12:45:00 PM

MAU’s Core Value, “We Honor the Unique Worth of Each Person and Relationship We Develop with Them,” exemplifies the importance we give all people who work with MAU.

At MAU Workforce Solutions, we are guided by a set of core values in how we do business, treat our employees, and help our clients. These values are more than just statements, they are the principles that we use every day to make lives better.

Our next value is: We honor the unique worth of each person and relationship we develop with them.

MAU is a people company. Our goal is to make lives better, and part of that is making sure each person we encounter feels valued and important. Whether it’s our applicants, clients, or employees, MAU honors the worth of each person we meet.

For our applicants, we know they are looking for a good job where they are treated with respect. They want to work ideal shifts that are a great fit for their background and skills. They also want opportunities for training and growth, and they want to work with world-class companies that have good reputations. We work hard to make sure that our applicants will be taken care of in a new job where they can thrive.

MAU honors our clients by working hard to understand exactly what their needs are. We know that they want results and want to feel heard. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients to create innovative solutions to their problems where the client feels that their needs are both valued and met.

And of course, MAU would not function without our great employees. Our employees appreciate the flexibility of working at MAU. We foster a culture of family to make them feel valued and involved, which is a big factor in keeping employees around. MAU is able to develop and grow relationships with our applicants and clients because of the hard work of our employees, so we make sure to honor and recognize the work of our teammates.

Click below to hear how Jessica May, a senior recruiter for MAU, has felt respected and valued through her time with MAU.

We run a big business, but we are still family business, and our idea of family is expansive. It’s not just those who are blood-related at MAU that share that intimate bond; the people who work with us stay because of our relationships and culture. We are a family, and we seek to spread that love and respect to every person we meet.

About MAU

MAU Workforce Solutions is an innovative global company with extensive experience providing solutions for success in staffing, recruiting, technology and outsourcing to our clients, employees and applicants. Headquartered in Augusta, GA since 1973, MAU is a family and minority-owned company offering better processes and better people to create efficiencies and greater profits for our clients. Our relationships with world-class companies, our training programs and our culture of family allow MAU to offer better results, better jobs and better lives to those who work with us. For additional information about MAU, visit www.mau.com.