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Tips to Maximize Your Job Search
April 6, 2022 5:49:14 PM

Job searching can be exhausting. Maybe you’re new to the workforce, an area, seeking a change of environment or looking to increase opportunity for better pay and benefits. No matter what is motivating your job search, there are a LOT of jobs to filter through when looking online. So, how do you find the right ones for you? By searching multiple ways.

Search based on your location

Consider cities or even counties near you outside of the one in which you reside. Additionally, weigh the potential opportunities if you were to lengthen your commute. If a higher wage is available, a longer commute may be worthwhile. Some companies offer commuter incentives such as mileage reimbursement or a carpooling rewards program, and some company websites outline these benefits to help you in your decision making.

Search based on industry

Perhaps your work experience to-date has been gained at an automotive manufacturer. Many manufacturing skills are transferrable across industries because their departmental functions and equipment is similar. But if you have a passion for cars, you may prefer continuing to work closely with them and want to keep your search narrowed by including automotive terms in your search. Considering your personal interests can help you determine whether searching by specific industry is worthwhile for you.

Search based on your skills

As mentioned above, skills are often transferrable within an industry, however job descriptions may have you second-guessing it. Remember that job descriptions are written with two intentions in mind: to help describe a job to job-seekers and to create a standard for which employees will be expected to perform once hired. Often, the few skills that are unfamiliar to you are things that can easily be taught, and on the job training should be provided to help you reach expectations in the areas you may be less familiar.

Search based on job title

Your current job title or the title which you are vying may not exist outside of your current employer since job titles are not standardized. Using synonyms or generalizing the terminology associated with a job title may be beneficial in your search. For example, below are real life examples of job titles whose job responsibilities are alike.


Job Titles based on Primary Responsibilities Table_Visual

No matter what is motivating your job search, considering these tips will help find the most appropriate job opportunities for your skill set & job growth.

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