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Optimizing Talent Acquisition: How a Billion-Dollar Manufacturer Scaled Hiring by Engaging a Strategic Partner
February 28, 2024 11:09:16 AM

When a company experiences rapid growth, talent acquisition can quickly become a significant challenge. The need for skilled professionals who align with the company culture becomes paramount, and filling these vacancies efficiently is crucial. This was the situation faced by our client, a fast-growing global manufacturer of electrical, safety, and infrastructure solutions.

The company had many openings across various disciplines, including Sales, Engineering, Finance, Operations Management, Quality Assurance, and more. These openings were spread across their corporate headquarters and over 35 sites throughout the United States. The demand for new hires was so high that it outpaced the talent acquisition team’s capacity to fill these critical roles promptly.

Our client needed a partner who could serve as an extension of their team, sharing their values and continuous improvement mindset, all while ensuring a positive candidate experience and upholding their reputation as a top workplace in the US.

Enter MAU. With over 50 years of experience partnering with top-level companies, we offer a full scope of workforce solutions to meet our client’s needs.

The results? Our partnership provided flexible recruiting capacity to support their rapid growth, executed standardized processes, delivered a positive/consistent candidate experience, and provided cost savings. Within the first year of our partnership, we successfully filled over 200 salaried positions.

To learn more about how we tackled these challenges and drove successful results, read the full case study here.

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