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10 Last-Minute Boss's Day Gifts for the Forgetful Employee

Posted by Eryka Cazenave on Oct 16, 2017 4:46:43 PM

Happy Boss's Day:

Do you work for a great leader? Is your boss kind and fair? Thank them for a job well done by presenting them with a special gift for Boss's Day. National Boss's Day is celebrated on October 16 as a way to show appreciation for your boss. If you're like the hundreds of other employees who didn't realize that Boss's Day was celebrated October 16 and now find yourself scrambling to get the perfect gift, check out this list of 10 last-minute Boss's Day gifts!


1. A Coffee Mug and Delicious Snack


Let's be real. You can buy a coffee mug from just about anywhere these days for next to nothing. Don't show up empty handed! Stuff it with a treat and say, "Happy Boss's Day!"


2. Motivational Quote Book


After putting up with a strong-willed team, everyone could use a little extra motivation. Find a book with great cover art and it can double as desk-decor.


3. A Strong Drink


This one doesn't require much explanation and will come in handy after a long day at work.

4. A Desk Plant


If your boss can keep this alive, it will serve as a constant reminder of how appreciated they are. Who doesn't want to feel appreciated?

5. A Gift Card


Nothing says, "I wasn't sure what to get you, so this will have to do." quite like a gift card!

6. A Scented Candle


We're pretty sure a candle is the go-to item for quick and easy gift givers. Bonus: They smell great too, so the entire office can enjoy!

7. Manager Survival Kit


Help your boss stay ready for whatever may come their way with a Manager Survival Kit. All you'll need is:

  • Bandaids- when things get rough
  • Rubber bands- a reminder to be flexible
  • Paper Clips- to help you keep it together
  • Eraser- No one uses pencils anymore, but everyone makes mistakes
  • Toilet Paper- a thank you for putting up with the team's 💩

8. Hand Sanitizer and Lotion


Add a little note that says, "Hands down, you're the best around." for added creativity points!

9. Something Sweet


A simple treat with a thoughtful note adds a sweet touch to any gift.

  • Donuts- We "donut" what we would do without you!
  • Chips- You're all that and a bag of chips
  • Soda- Thanks for all you "Dew"

10. Chapstick

giphy-9.gifA little moisturizer can go a long way. Grab a stick of chapstick and attach the note, "You're the balm" for an instant Boss's Day hit!

Your gift doesn't have to be expensive or thought of far in advance to be appreciated. Just remember to say, "thank you" to the boss that helps provide guidance and leadership everyday at work.

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