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3 FREE Google Chrome Extensions Every Job Seeker Needs to Have

Post Author Eryka Cazenave
Dec 15, 2016 2:00:00 PM
Career Tips
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Once upon a time, job seekers could grab a highlighter, open a newspaper, and find the job of their dreams right there in freshly pressed ink. These days, job seekers are finding employment with the help of six powerful letters: G-O-O-G-L-E.

In 2008 Google announced the launch of their freeware web browser known as Google Chrome. This unique operating system continues to impress with its continuious updates and user-friendly interface. One unique feature that every job seeker should be taking advantage of are the Google Chrome extensions. We've got 3 free Google Chrome extensions that every job seeker should have!

We know that searching for a job is a job! Don't waste your valuable time jumping from tab to tab. Your job search can be completed in a snap with these Google Chrome extensions. If you're ready to make your job search quicker and more efficient, then check these out!

1. JobHero Sidekick

The JobHero Sidekick is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to save job listings from any website on the internet. You no longer have to have multiple tabs open while you frantically search for new job opportunities. JobHero Sidekick allows you to save jobs to a dashboard that lets you organize jobs, set reminders, & ultimately, get ahead in your job search. Are you still not a believer? Give it a try! Check out this job board and save positions of interest to the JobHero Sidekick Chrome extension.

2. TheResponsiveCV

An impressive resume greatly increases the probability of landing your dream job. TheResponsiveCV extension for Chrome helps you create a professional, printer-friendly resume in minutes. You can create a free account to store your resumes safely online, browse thousands of resume templates, and get a unique 3D QR code for a mobile resume, all for free!

3. Rapportive

Linkedin and Gmail come together and create magic with the free Chrome extension, Rapportive. This nifty Chrome extension gives you a visual of your contacts Linkedin profile so that you are able to establish rapport and grow your network. In just a glimpse, you’re able to see a photo of your contact, see if they’re nearby, what they do for a living, and any shared connections you both may have. When you are able to see detailed information about your contacts right in your inbox, you can make your interactions with recruiters and hiring managers far more personal and meaningful.

A new job is waiting for you! Click the icons below to get to your final destination even faster!

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Download Now!


Download Now!


Download Now!


Find a Job Now!


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