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3 Ways to Keep Your Skills Sharp No Matter the Industry

Post Author Erin Tovo
Oct 16, 2013 9:12:00 AM
Career Tips

Considering the lack of jobs and an increasingly competitive job market, the likeliness of job seekers taking a job within their industry becomes less and less.  However, just because you’ve taken a job in a different industry doesn’t mean you should let your hard earned skills go to waste.  Use these 3 tips to keep your skills sharp and ready to go!sharp

  • Actively seek ways to use your skills in your current job!  Just because you are working in a different industry doesn’t mean there isn’t any use for the skills you’ve worked so hard to master.  You might just have to look a little harder to find ways to exercise them!

  • Ask to be given more tasks at work! These new and challenging tasks will open up different opportunities for you to use your skills.  It will also help you stand out at work while at the same time showing your employer you’re not afraid of a challenge.

  • Using social media and learning how to best market your company will actually help you increase your knowledge about who you are working for.  The more you know, the easier it will be for you to find ways to utilize your skills and continue to be a valuable asset to the company. 

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