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4 Ways to Grow Your Skill Set

Posted by Alicia Chan on Aug 31, 2017 3:55:41 PM

Are you looking to develop some of the necessary skills or knowledge to land a new job or promotion?

You don’t have to go back to school or rely on your current job to find opportunities for growth. There are other options, if you’re willing to invest your own time and resources. Whether you're looking to gain more experience in a field or learn a new skill, we've got tips for you!


1. Attend Seminars/Conferences

Learn from industry experts and network with other attendees to learn about new opportunities in your field or a new field. Get answers to your burning questions from experts and take advantage of workshops and free resources to build your knowledge base.


2. Volunteer in Your Community

Not only does serving your community show prospective employers that you can take initiative and make things happen, it can also translate to professional experience. Organizing events or leading a committee can be used as management experience. You can also use your time volunteering to try your hand at a new skill. Interested in social media? Offer to manage an organization’s Facebook account.

3. Take an Online Course

While the 25 and up college student population continues to grow, not everyone has the flexibility to go back to school. Going back to college is not the only way to continue your education. You can try sites like Lynda.com that offer courses in business, software, technology, and creative skills. Learn a new skill like web design at your own pace.

4. Try Freelancing

Get paid for your skills while you work on honing them. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork allow you to connect with people online who may be looking for your help.  You can offer your services at a discounted rate to practice and gain experience in your desired skill set. If you’re a writer, you can lend your skills to proofreading and editing or business copywriting.  

If you're looking for ways to grow personally and professionally, there are options out there if you're willing to spend your personal time on new endeavors. Don't forget to update your resume with your newfound skills!

Looking for a new job where you can use your expanded skill set and continue growing? Check out our job board!

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