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5 Stress Relieving Tips for National Relaxation Day and Every Day!

Post Author Eryka Cazenave
Aug 8, 2017 6:40:00 AM
Career Tips
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National Relaxation Day is celebrated August 15 of each year. It is a time to wind down, decompress, and relieve some stress. There are many different types of stressors that affect us everyday. Whether it's a major life event like the birth of a child or divorce, or a daily hassle like being stuck in traffic or pressure at work; stress can take a dramatic mental and physical toll on a person. This year, learn to let go of the stress with these five stress relieving tips for National Relaxation Day and every day!

These relaxation tips will have you ready to participate in National Relaxation Day this year, and many years to come. Stop letting stress be a constant at your job, in your home, and in your relationships! It's time to reclaim your life and learn to effectively manage your daily stress.

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1. Don't forget to Smile

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Fake it until you make it." A study published in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that smiling during periods of stress may help reduce the body's stress response, regardless of whether the person actually feels happy or not. Next time you're feeling stressed, don't forget to smile. It helps release endorphins and reduce the stress related hormone, cortisol. After all, there's always a reason to smile, you just have to find it.

2. Sweat it Out

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), exercising is an effective tool to help reduce or eliminate stress. The ADAA states that, "Studies show that it is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function. This can be especially helpful when stress has depleted your energy or ability to concentrate." Stop stressing and start sweating with a little daily exercise!

3. Find Happiness in a Hobby

Take a break with purpose, and find happiness in a hobby. A hobby can provide a much needed distraction from a busy, stress-filled life. Hobbies are great tools for stress management, because they help you find joy and success in an activity. In turn, this will boost your self-esteem and personal well-being. If you're looking for a hobby to help you take a time out and reduce stress check out this awesome list from simplemost.com.

4. Breathe Deeply

Take a deep breath, and let your stress go! When you are stressed you will exhibit physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and rapid breathing. When you take a deep breath, the brain sends a message to the body letting it know it's time to calm down, collect oneself, and relax. This act of breathing deeply will cause the physical symptoms for stress to decrease. Check out this 5 minute guided breathing exercise to get you started on your stress relieving journey.

5. Put it on Paper

In a world dominated by social media, it's easy to post a status about a stressful event that may have happened to you. Next time you feel tempted to tell the world, try putting it on paper instead. Keeping a stress journal can help you gain a better understanding of some of the stressers in your life, allow you to analyze them and improve the way you manage stress in your life. So, how do you start a stress journal? Learn more here!

Stress is a natural and normal part of everyday life, but don't let it consume you. Taking the time to relax and refocus is good for your mind, body, and soul. Go ahead, implement these stress relief tips in your everyday routine, and you'll start to see and feel the difference. Making effective strides in your daily stress management regime will help you not only on National Relaxation Day, but future days to come.

How are you relaxing on #NationalRelaxationDay? Tell us on Twitter at @JoinMAU.

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