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Becoming a Customer Service Pro!

Post Author Delorion Williams
Jun 8, 2020 7:45:00 AM
Career Tips
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Are you interested in becoming a Customer Service Representative? Do you know the workforce landscape for Customer Service Representatives in continental US?

As a Customer Service Representative (CSR for short), you will undeniably manage consumer interactions professionally, efficiently, with good communication skills. CSR’s also acknowledge and appropriately greet and assist every consumer in a timely manner. Additionally, they attend to consumer questions, complaints, and concerns immediately, simultaneously facilitating satisfactory resolution.

Workforce Landscape for Customer Service Representatives


The United States employed 6.89 million Customer Service Representatives in 2019 and only posted 1.30 million positions to the web. That is a 5:1 Posting Intensity Ratio, meaning the country as a whole put an average effort toward hiring for this position, which is far better than our nation’s job postings for JavaScript Developers which boasts a 2:1 ratio.

This cool Heat Map shows where Customer Service Representatives are most prevalent in the workforce!CSR Heat Map

Customer Service Representatives salary


The national average wage of a Customer Service Representative is $15.81/hr. Of course, this number will vary by location, tenure, and experience. If your pay isn’t at the nations average, conduct some research of your own using this Living Wage Calculator and find out what the typical annual salary is for your area.

CSR Wage Bell Curve

National Demographics of Customer Service Representatives


As an occupation, Customer Service Representatives are right at the national average in regards to diversity. Although the position of Customer Service Representatives is female-dominated, 914,228 men were employed as CSR’s in 2019. As for the age of the Customer Service Representatives workforce, Millennials make up over 28% for this occupation.

Demographics Image

Often times, a high school diploma or equivalent is the educational requirement to be eligible to become a Customer Service Representative. However, some CSR roles may require additional certifications or training.

Education Demographics

Did you know roughly 71,903 Companies employ Customer Service Representatives annually and that number is to remain constant over the next 5 years? That is exciting news because there is plenty of work for you to do as a CSR in this country, but you will need to tailor your resume with some hard and soft skills that companies desire.

Top 10 Soft Skills for Customer Service Jobs


Soft Skills for CSR

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Top 10 Hard Skills for Customer Service Jobs


1. Poise
2. Sensitivity
3. Memory
4. Student Mentality
5. Initiative
6. Fast Learning
7. Diligence
8. Quality Awareness
9. Lie Detection
10. Personable

Now that you are armed with data about the current workforce for Customer Service Representatives, use it to your benefit and apply for a CSR job today!


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