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Career Tips: Do You Like Me?

Post Author Alana Davis
Feb 20, 2015 12:17:00 PM
Career Tips

Do you like me? If we were being honest with ourselves, we often want this question to be answered with a resounding, "Yes!" As children, our likeable factors look quite different from adulthood.  If your parents bring the best chocolate cupcakes on your birthday to your classmates, chances are, they're going to like you.  If you host a sleepover for your three "best friends" and get to stay up until 11:00pm, your friends will probably think you're pretty awesome.  When you're in high school and are the first to score a driver's license AND car, people will like you.  However, at some point, some of those likeable factors will start to shift away from more superficial factors, and become more about how you treat other people and reflect sincerity. 

A recently published article from Forbes describes the 13 habits of exceptionally likeable people, based on information from a UCLA research study. Surprisingly, the study found that factors affecting how much people like you have very little to do with those innate qualities you may not be able to control: intelligence, attractiveness, and sociability.  Likeability, instead, had everything to do with emotional intelligence. There was a greater attraction to people displaying transparency, sincerity, and empathy for others.

Whether starting a new job, moving to a new area, or working on some basic self-improvement, click here to read the 13 behaviors that emotionally intelligent, "likeable" people tend to display.  

Click here to read more career tips from MAU. 

"13 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People"


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