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3 Tips to Not Standout for the Wrong Reasons

Post Author Harlee Bush
Sep 14, 2020 8:00:00 AM
Career Tips
Down to the Detail

Most people think that perfecting their resume is the first step in the application process, but actually, the first task should be what I like to call “housekeeping.” Small details may seem unimportant, but overall, they have a significant effect on whether a hiring manager takes a second look at your resume. It is the basics like an appropriate email address, grammar errors, and an online presence that doesn't comply with the company’s values that could make your application less desirable.

1. Appropriate Email Address

On average, hiring managers spend 6 seconds reviewing resumes. The last thing you want is an unprofessional email address to cost you an opportunity. Look at your email address and ask yourself: Is this email address appropriate? Would you want your kids to see it? If not, then consider setting up an email account for job hunt and professional purposes. Some easy suggestions are a combination of your first and last name. For example, first.last@email.com or, firstlastname@email.com. If you have a popular combination, try seeing what alternatives are available. Most email services are free and simple to set up. Use the following link to create a gmail account!

2. Grammar

Since hiring managers look through so many resumes, grammar errors become an automatic red flag. When you are emailing a company or hiring manager, run your email through Grammarly. It is free to create an account! You could also, have a friend review your resume or email. It always helps to have a second pair of eyes review your content before final submission. Another option is to read your email aloud to see if the content makes sense and flows well.

3. Online Presence

Many people also overlook their online presence when applying. Does the name on your social media page match the name on your resume? Is your content appropriate for a potential employer to see? If not, you may want to update your social media profile and consider changing your privacy settings. Another option is to create a page specifically used for professional connections. On this account, the profile picture should be an appropriate head-shot with the name on your resume. Having a separate professional social media page allows you to post freely on your personal account without worrying whether or not the content fits the guidelines of social media professionalism!


These simple tips will keep you from standing out for all the wrong reasons! You want to be remembered for what you have accomplished, not an email address you created in high school.


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