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Epic Interview FAIL Part 2: Tips from Chandler Bing

Post Author Alana Davis
May 20, 2015 2:33:10 PM
Career Tips

Last month we started a series on EPIC Interview Fails: what not to do when participating in a job interview. This month, we'll continue the series, with some help from a familiar friend, Chandler Bing, and discuss six things you should absolutely not do during an interview. 

1. "Fall asleep." - An interview is the first opportunity to show focus and interest in the position. Do yourself a favor, and get extra rest the night before so you don't make this major error. 


2. "Let me finish this game first." - True story. Someone was waiting for an interview and playing a game on his phone. When they were ready to see him, he said, "Wait, give me a minute, I'm about to get to the next level!" Even if you are killing your previous candy crush record, put the phone down and go into the interview. 


3. "I would have been here on time but I got pulled over for the 10th time in 3 months and it held me up." - TMI! Honesty is always the best policy, but the interviewer doesn't need to know your entire life story during the interview. 


4. "Breaking the ice with a joke." - Interviews can be nerve-racking and uncomfortable. Try exercising the morning of the interview or taking some deep breaths in your car before walking in to reduce anxiety. Save the knock-knock jokes for your friends. 


5. "Blah, blah, blah." - Answer the interviewer's questions thoroughly without going into too much detail (reference #3). You want to respect her time, and not leave her with the memory of sounding like the Charlie Brown teacher. 


6. "Dance out the door." - Perhaps you feel extremely confident at the end of your interview; you nailed it and the job is surely yours!  Regardless of how "Chuck Norris" you feel leaving, save the happy dance for at home. 


If you have an interview coming up, take some advice from an old friend and avoid these six things when you go.

Don't have an interview coming up? Click here to read other helpful career tips from MAU. 

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