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Find and Pursue Your Passion

Post Author Eryka Cazenave
Feb 11, 2018 12:45:00 AM
Career Tips

 Are you looking for the one? The one who gives you purpose, lights a fire in your soul, and opens your eyes to new opportunities. We’re not talking about a person- we’re talking about your job!

Too often we treat our careers like a mundane relationship. We settle, because if it comes easily and pays the bills we get comfortable; despite the fact that the passion is gone. Don’t you want to bring the passion back and find a job you love? Now you can with these 5 simple steps to pursue your passion.


Step 1: Identify Your Passions

First things first, forget everything you thought you knew about the pursuit of a passion-based-career. The first mistake many people make when trying to identify their passion is thinking too much about it. Passion isn’t a matter of the head- it’s a matter of the heart. Your passion will not wait for you to identify it. Instead, your passion will burn inside of you until it compels you to move.

Step 2: Remove Distractions

If you are not passionate about what you are doing, why do it? It’s a simple question really. In order to pursue your passion you must live passionately. If there are portions of your life that are not fueling your passion, remove them. You are responsible for changing your life do not let anything distract you on your path to a passion-filled life.

Step 3: Discern Between a Career and a Hobby

Let’s get real for a moment shall we? Not every passion is a viable career path. Champion of self-employment, Corrina Gordon-Barnes says, “If you want to contribute your passion to society and make an income from it, you need to get realistic about whether this could actually turn into a career—and what you would need to do to make that happen.” She could not be more right. When pursuing a passion-filled career it is important to evaluate whether or not the goal is pleasure or profit. In order for your passion to be your career, it must fulfill the role of both pleasure and profit.

Step 4: Walk Out on Faith

This step is much easier said than done. Once you decide to pursue your passions you will move down one of two very different paths. There is no wrong or right decision in the pursuit of your passions. You must do what is best for you.

  1. You will walk out on faith trusting your passion to carry you when you fall.
  2. You will have saved money so that finances do not rule your decision making process along the way.

Step 5: Go For it Already!

There is no time like the present. Go pursue your passion now! Do not let your fear of the unknown cripple you and keep you from your dreams. It’s time to push the limits of your bravery and put your passion to the test. The world is waiting for you.

Are you ready to pursue your passions?

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