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Four Ways to Celebrate This Season with Your Work Team

Post Author Harlee Bush
Dec 4, 2020 8:00:00 AM
Career Tips
Christmas Cheer During A Pandemic

Holidays typically mean busy schedules full of holiday parties, family dinners, and Christmas traditions. COVID-19 has changed how we do and celebrate everything, causing us to find creative ways to celebrate and create community while in quarantine. The holidays seem to be another event that will look different, but here are some ideas on how to celebrate this season with your work team!

Gift Exchange

Secret Santa has always been a popular tradition. Luckily, this one is pretty simple to make virtual! You can have a team member or team leader to assign who will be getting gifts for whom as a team, set a cash limit, and purchase a gift for your secret Santa. A great way to help figure out what each team member may want is to have them fill out a questionnaire about their favorite candies, colors, candles, etc. You can use online stores to ship directly to their house or ship the gift yourself. Once everyone has gotten their gift, schedule a zoom meeting, and open them together. This is a simple way to show each other that you care about them and bond as a team.

Holiday Quizzes

Everyone loves a little competition! Send your team or company a Christmas quiz. If you create the quiz in Google Forms, you can track the participants' time and score upon collection. The person with the highest score and shortest time wins bragging rights or, even better, a prize!

Holiday Luncheon

The office's best times happen around food, whether it is a potluck or a catered lunch! However, separated does not mean we can't celebrate together. A great way to say thank you to your employees would be to email a food delivery service gift cards! Postmates, DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub are popular choices. Don’t forget to check that the service you use delivers in the area of the recipient. This is a small act that can give a massive boost in morale.

Zoom Parties

Video conferences have become the new norm for parties and meetings this year. For many families and teams, this has been the only way they get to see one another. Bring some traditions into your zoom call! If you typically have a happy hour, everyone should make a holiday drink and share the recipe. Most teams have members with kids; you can use a group streaming app to watch a holiday movie all at the same time from the safety of your couch. If you play games, get creative on how to make it digital. If you need a few ideas on making your zoom party more interactive, follow this link!

2020 has been a year full of unexpected twists and turns; let's finish this challenging year out with some joy! For more tips on engaging while working remotely, check out the blog below!

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