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From Jedis to Upper Management - The Perfect Real-World Career Choices for our Favorite Star Wars Characters

Post Author Kelsey Green
May 4, 2018 12:00:00 AM
Career Tips
Star Wars Blog Image

It’s May the Fourth, National Star Wars Day!

Every character has their own interesting job in the galaxy far, far away, but what position would they hold in our universe?

Thanks to the MAU marketing team, learn you will.

Here are the jobs some of your favorite intergalactic characters will hold when they come for a visit.

 Obi-Wan Kenobi - Yoga Instructor

Obi-Wan Kenobi


This famous Jedi master would maintain his identity as a teacher. But, he would move the position from beyond someone who strictly helps the body. Obi-Wan would use his wisdom and faith in the Force to help teach others about the mystery that is the energy that “surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.”

He taught Anakin and Luke Skywalker how to use their minds and bodies in sync with the Force.  He will help teach you how to control your own mind and body through your soul - all while pouring out words of wisdom every time he opens his mouth.

Wicket the Ewok - Intern



Wicket is the little Ewok that found Leia in Episode VI Return of the Jedi when she got separated from the group that was on the forest moon of Endor to destroy the shield generator that guarded the second Star Destroyer.

The little fur balls were clumsy and uninformed in the ways of war, but they knew their way around their world. Much like Interns and new technology, the Ewoks were able to show the group of Rebels the secret passageways, best routes and places to attack the shield generator. Their numbers and knowledgeable attacks help companies defeat the technology/Stormtroopers daily.

Darth Vader - Regional Manager

Darth Vader (1)

He’s the most iconic villain in cinematic history - did you think we were going to leave him off this list? While Vader is definitely one of the scariest guys in the Star Wars franchise, he was not the bigwig. Many of the Empire’s stations worked autonomously to complete the Emperor’s will, but when things were not moving fast enough or a station ran into a problem with the Rebel Alliance, Darth Vader would come into “encourage” the group or dole out punishment to whoever displeased him, like a regional manager.

Regional managers will come to stores under their care to solve larger problems and ensure that the store is working within guidelines and policies. Most commercial stores work harder to prepare for a regional manager’s visit.  The Empire’s battle stations would double the workload to prepare for a visit from Darth Vader. Many commanders feared for their lives when Vader arrived. Luckily, most store managers only worry about stricter policies.

Luke Skywalker - Assistant Supervisor

Luke Skywalker

From the moment he showed up on the screen, Luke Skywalker was learning. As the franchised progressed, we see Luke become a leader, but he was still always learning. Even in the final movie when he died, we see Luke being schooled about the Force and himself.

Assistant supervisors take charge and lead, but they are not the ultimate source of knowledge on a subject. They are learning how their environment runs on a larger scale and through the smaller details. Luke struggled to find the balance required to see both. Luke got wrapped up in the smaller details of how powerful Ben was becoming and the fear that it instilled in him that he almost forgot that Ben was his nephew. We see Luke struggling with the complexity of the Force. Eventually, his own masters come back through Force Immortality to reprimand, remind and teach him.

Yoda - Job Trainer


The little green Jedi Master trained padawans and younger Jedi for over 800 years. This 900-year-old alien was still instructing Luke as he took his last breath. Teaching younglings became such an integral part of who Yoda was that even death did not stop this great master. Yoda unlocked the path to Force immortality and appeared to younger Jedi during times of great confusion to help guide them.

Yoda would excel in the role of a job trainer - instructing trainees on the basics of a position and how a machine works but also teaching them to trust their instincts and explore their imaginations for new solutions to problems.

Leia Organa - Onsite Manager

Leia Organa

A princess turned general, Leia Organa has always been a leader. From delivering the Death Star plans to leading an evacuation mission on Hoth, Leia remained level-headed and confident in her decisions. She knew the strengths of her group and leveraged them for the Alliance’s best interest.

Managers surround themselves with departmental or assistant managers that specialize in the different spectrums of the organization. They recognize an individual’s strengths and incorporate those assets into the larger plan for the organization. When the Hoth base was under attack, Leia listened to her counselors' advice. Together, they formulated a plan, but Leia knew they needed more help. She begged Han to stay for the evacuation because he was one of their best pilots. Han eventually stayed, and, with all their help, Leia led the group to survival and finally victory. 

Emperor Palpatine - Marketing Coordinator

Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, had a grand scheme for taking over the galaxy. He knew his competition, infiltrated their inner circle and always stayed five steps ahead until the last Jedi refused to turn to the Dark Side and a small group of rebels destroyed the Death Star, which led to his death.

Much like how Darth Sidious was continuously using his knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of those around him, a Marketing Coordinator has to know the strengths and weaknesses of their team and company and how to best utilize them while staying current in the market. Without constant research and planning, a marketing manager, and therefore the company, would fail.

C-3PO – Administrative Assistant

C-3PO (1)

The beloved protocol droid mastered over seven million forms of communication, including snappy comebacks. Anakin Skywalker originally created him to help his mom, Shmi. Since his creation, C-3PO boosted his resume to include communicating with the Millennium Falcon and being worshipped as a god by a tribe of Ewoks. Always spouting off the odds of a situation, C-3PO imparts (unwanted) facts and interacts with other life forms for the ragtag group of Rebels.

Administrative assistants are so vital to a company. They know the industry lingo but are not so wrapped up in it that they can’t communicate what is needed with someone from the outside. C-3PO acts as an interpreter during the group’s time with the Ewoks which became essential for the group to complete the mission. Helping the team get much-needed supplies, keeping everyone organized and informed, and communicating with outsiders, C-3PO is an administrative assistant through and through.

R2-D2 -Mechatronics Technician


The little blue astromech droid has saved the day many times, but at heart, he is a hard worker. R2-D2 is always tinkering and fixing things. We’ve seen R2 fix an X-Wing as the pilot was fighting in the battle, break into the Empire’s security systems to open doors, shut down trash compactors and so much more.

Technicians are insatiably curious. They tinker and learn about systems and machines so they can fix them in any situation. Poor little R2 has gotten into more than one scrape thanks to his curiosity, but that same wit and know-how has helped him escape. Working as a team or by himself, R2-D2 battles harrowing conditions to ensure that everything stays running. He’s our brave Technician.



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**All images belong to StarWars.com

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