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Get the Most Out of Your Thank You Card!

Post Author Alana Davis
May 23, 2014 4:43:00 PM
Career Tips


It is a well-known practice in the job search process that following your interview you should send a thank you card.  However, many candidates will make the mistake of preparing their thank you as simply a nice gesture instead of using their thank you note to reinforce their candidacy now that they have obtained “insider” information.  

Here are some useful ways to make your thank you note a key marketing tool to gain a competitive edge over the competition:

1. When Your Interviewer Shared A Concern 

If you were told during your interview that the perfect candidate must meet certain requirements and you unfortunately didn’t meet them, don’t be discouraged!  Use your thank you note to bring this up again.  Reiterate to your potential employer why this wouldn’t be a problem and despite this “weakness” you would be the PERFECT candidate for the job.  

2. When You Didn’t Say the Right Thing the First Time

No one always says the perfect thing at the right time.  Sometimes, when you think back to your answers during your interview you realize perhaps there was a better answer you could have given or you think of something you wanted to elaborate on.  Your thank you note can be your second chance!  Bring up the topic in the note and let them know that you had some time to think about the subject and you’d love the opportunity to talk further about it. 

3. When You Just Want to Say, ‘Thank You’

Even if you felt the interview went great, you don’t know how your competition performed in their interviews or what kind of thank you letter they will send.  In this case, say thank you but also secure your candidacy further. 

  • Point out several of your qualifications that were discussed during the interview.  Now that you have more information about the position and the company, use that knowledge to your advantage!  Consider a way to connect your qualifications with company needs expressed during the interview.

  • Express an increased interest in the company!  Your interviewer most likely shared information about the company with you.  Bring up this information and let them know how enthusiastic you are in becoming a part of the company.

Most importantly, always remember to keep your thank you letter concise! It shouldn’t be as detailed as your resume or cover letter.  

From your resume to your thank you note, each step in the process can be its own unique marketing tool.  To ensure that you are a successful job seeker, always use every tool at your disposal and maximize every opportunity!

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