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No Diploma? Get Your GED!

Post Author Alicia Chan
Sep 21, 2017 9:57:37 AM
Career Tips

As educational qualifications change and a high school diploma or equivalent becomes a basic requirement for many job opportunities, it’s time to consider how getting your GED can help you and your career.

What is a GED?

General Education Development (also referred to as General Education Diploma) is equal to a high school diploma. It’s used to certify an individual has met US high school level academic skills. The test has 4 subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

How can it help me?

Getting your GED can qualify you for more job opportunities, improve chances for promotions, help you earn higher pay, set you up for a college track, and even boost your self-esteem!

Ready to earn your GED? Check out these 3 tips to guide you on your way!

Visit GED.com

This is the official website for the GED testing service.

  • Learn more about the tests that make up the GED
  • Find an official testing center near you
  • Buy study materials or GED test voucher

Get more options by creating a free account!

Find an Official Testing Center

Be aware of online scams! Many people have spent time and money on an online program only to get a diploma or certificate that is not recognized as a valid high school diploma or GED. At this time, the GED test is not offered online, and you must show up in person to take the test.

To find an accredited testing center:

  • Go to GED.com
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click on Locate a Test Center

Study for the Tests

Make sure you are prepared to pass the tests and avoid having to pay to retake a subject. 

  • Buy Online
    • Visit the GED.com store or search on Amazon.com (if you are buying on Amazon, look for trusted educational brands like Kaplan or McGraw-Hill and look at the ratings and reviews to find out what other users thought)
  • Take a Class
    • Many official testing centers offer classes or can help you find adult education classes
  • Visit your Local Library
    • Some libraries may have GED prep books or can help you with accessing online GED resources

Remember, the GED test is not offered online and save yourself some time by studying with the right materials to pass all 4 parts. If you're looking for a way to start your career while working towards your GED, check out some of these job opportunities from MAU.

I'm Ready to Start my Career!


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