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Graduating and Unemployed? 3 Ways to Market Yourself

Post Author Stephanie Myers
Mar 4, 2013 10:45:00 PM
Career Tips

What beats the feeling you get when graduating college? Not much, except knowing you have a job lined up! According to Thomas Luke Spreen, author of “Recent college graduates in the U.S. labor force: data from the Current Population Survey,” nearly 75% of recent college graduates were employed in October 2011. Internships, temporary assignments, and volunteer work will almost always guarantee a position post college! Keep reading to find out why these opportunities are so valuable!



Internships permit you to finally practice the skills you’ve acquired while also allowing you to find what you do and don’t like. Many universities now require students to complete an internship before graduating. Even if that isn’t the case, they can still provide tons of information, help make connections, assist with applications, and find a good fit for you. Best of all, you have the opportunity to build your network and get your foot in the door with an employer. If you perform well, you can easily score the job and begin the career you’ve been waiting for!

Temporary Assignments

Many say any employment is better than being unemployed, so use this time to demonstrate why companies need you and how you can benefit them. Apply for and take on temporary jobs; contracted work can lead to more assignments and potentially a permanent position. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you will make connections and open doors.

Volunteer Work

Similar to internships, volunteer work makes you more marketable and can significantly promote your skillset. Volunteering demonstrates that you care about something and that money isn’t your top priority. Employers are focused on hiring enthusiastic, dedicated employees, so volunteering will prove your passion and commitment and can lead to a paying job. Plus, you’ll meet new people, which will greatly increase your network and likelihood of obtaining employment.

By interning, accepting temp jobs, and volunteering, you’ll be able to find what you do and don’t like while promoting yourself to employers. Whatever you do, make sure you are doing something. Waiting for the right job isn’t going to get you where you want to be. Instead, be patient, persistent, and put yourself out there!

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