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I Missed The Job Fair; Now What?

Post Author Maria Ruiz
Jun 25, 2021 9:39:24 AM
Career Tips
Missed the Job Fair or Hiring Event? What are the next steps?

Many staffing agencies, schools, and companies have hiring events - also known as job fairs - to offer instant interviews during a specific time and date; however, we know sometimes it's hard to attend the job fair. Does that mean you need to wait until another job fair to find a job? Below you can find three options for applying for jobs, even if you missed the job fair. 

Walk-in Interviews

Many MAU branches have regular walk-in hours, meaning you can walk into the branch during those hours, and have an instant interview. So, if you missed the event, this is a great option to still have an instant interview. Make sure to suscribe to our Now Hiring blog so you don't miss future walk-in hours communication.

Virtual Interview

Last year, most companies had to adapt their processes, so instead of having in-person job fairs, the events were held virtually. Most of the MAU job fairs adopted a hybrid model of in-person and virtual job fairs. If you can't make it to the in-person event, make sure you read all the information in the Now Hiring Blog, as some of them have the option to apply early by requesting a virtual interview. And, some locations may offer specific virtual interview hours.

Online Application

You can apply on the company website at any time for the job you want. Sometimes this step is required before attending a job fair. However, you can apply at any moment, and an MAU Representative will get in touch with you at their earliest convenience. To apply for any of our jobs, you can click the button below.

View Available Jobs

We hope these solutions were useful, if you can't make the next job fair, remember these three tips to still apply for any of our jobs!


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