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Interviewing the Interviewer [The 26 Best Questions to Ask]

Post Author Antoine Vigne
Jun 3, 2020 1:23:21 PM
Career Tips
What Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

You are nailing that job interview. You shared about your positive work history, strong skills, and career accomplishments and you can tell that the recruiter has a good feeling about you. But is the company a good fit for you? The best way to find out is to ask questions.

You don’t have to wait for the recruiter to ask, “Do you have any questions?”. You can ask them as the interview goes along, but be prepared to respond with questions off of your list that weren’t answered during the interview when the interviewer does finally ask you that question.If you’re unsure of what to ask, we have provided a list that will make you stand out in the crowd of candidates. Read below for examples of types of questions to guide you as you make your list, and remember, always have a few questions you want answered before leaving the interview.

The Position

Is there an aspect of the job you want to know more about? Now is the time to not only see if you are meant for the job, but also if the job is meant for you. Ask specific questions regarding the tasks involved. What does a typical day in this job look like? What are the goals for this job? Is it a brand new position? Try to not ask questions that were answered in the job description or previously during the interview. You need to show your interest in position, but most importantly make sure you fully understand what the job will entail.

The Company

Whether it is about the company's culture or its general purpose, there is information you should want to know about the place you will potentially work. What is the working environment like? Is it more collaborative, or are you expected to work more independently? How much importance is placed on work-life balance? What is the dress code? How is the company structured? Company culture can make or break a job. All of these questions will help you determine if the company’s mission and core values align with your own.

However, when asking questions about the company, be sure to not ask questions that could have been answered with a quick visit to their website. You should already be learning about the company prior to applying and the interview, and you don’t want to appear as if you didn’t do your research.

The Evaluation of Performance and Growth

Recruiters often ask "where do you see yourself in 5 years?". This type of question is a perfect opportunity to ask if you can move up from within and what possibilities there are for development. Do not be afraid to ask if there will be training opportunities. These questions will help you evaluate whether or not you can grow within the company, but also reinforce the fact that you are a stable candidate willing to invest in a long-term career. Questions regarding how your work will be evaluated will give you a better understanding of what is expected of you in this role.

The Recruiter/Team

The recruiter most likely will be one of your future coworkers or even your boss since most interviewers are typically the manager for the available position. Because they know and manage the team you will work with directly, it is the perfect opportunity to ask questions regarding the team structure, size, and responsibilities, as well as find out about the atmosphere and team personalities. Questions like "what is your favorite part of the job” or “how would you describe your management style?" will help you visualize what working on this team would be like.  

The Next Steps

Two of the questions you should ask are “what is the next step?” and “when should I expect to hear back from you?”. Asking those questions will give you a potential time frame and also show that you care about the position. It can help facilitate the recruiter's mind into picturing you in this role.

Additional great follow-up questions are “when do you expect the job to start?” and “is there any additional information or previous work examples I can provide that would help you in your selection?”. 

Jobs interviews can be stressful. But by turning it into a conversation in which both you and the interviewer learn from each other, it will be a valuable experience that helps you make a sound career decision and increase your chances for consideration. To get you started, we created a list of questions you can use when preparing for your next interview. Good Luck!



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