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Three Interview Tips from a Hiring Manager

Post Author Lori Holley
Oct 21, 2018 7:55:00 AM
Career Tips
3 tips from a hiring manager


One of the best parts of my job is hiring new employees!  I love it when we find someone who is a great fit for our company and our team.  Over the past year, we’ve hired for both short-term and long-term positions.  It amazes me how many candidates miss opportunities for success! 

I have been a hiring manager for over five years and hired multiple people for various positions throughout our organization. I also participate on a panel that helps prepare high school students for interviews with potential employers, and I thought I’d share some of these simple tips I've learned over the years for interview success.



First- Do a Little Homework

Almost every employer should have a website,or a presence on social media.  Take time to review the website and learn about the company you’ll be interviewing with so that you can both answer and ask questions.  I always ask people what they know about our company, and many times they answer with a few words about what we do.  It makes a great impression when I can tell a candidate did some research.  Be able to state some interesting facts or ask for clarification about something you saw on the site.  To go a little deeper, you can also search their social media sites, search online for articles about the company, or learn a little more about their industry. 

Second- Ask Questions

To help show your interest in the position, be prepared to ask some questions.  Be specific with your questions.   As a hiring manager, I want to see that someone is enthusiastic about joining our company and about the position.  If you’re not sure what types of questions to ask, check out this list of post-interview questions you should be asking! 

Hint: If you follow the first step above, this should help.

Third- Thank the Interviewer

This is an often forgotten step that really sets you apart as a candidate!  I highly suggest mailing or delivering a hand-written thank you note.  If that’s not your style and seems a little too old school, you should at least write a quick e-mail thanking the interviewer.  This takes only a few minutes, and it makes a big impression.  Check out these 5 free follow-up letter templates!

So, those are the three recommendations that I have to help you have a successful interview.  Remember that although you may not get hired for a position, making a good impression may help you with another job in the future with that company or a business associate of the interviewer! 


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