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MAU 101: What is a Virtual Hiring Event?

Post Author Lori Holley & Grace Halverson
Aug 12, 2020 10:47:28 AM
Career Tips
Header_ MAU 101 - Whats a Virtual Hiring Event

With changes in the world today due to COVID-19, the answer to this question looks a little different. We published a blog in the summer of 2018 on this topic, and it focused on in-person events. While that was previously typical for hiring events and job fairs, nowadays most hiring events are taking place virtually.

The definition is still the same; hiring events are a way for employers to designate a specific time to focus on talking to multiple candidates about job openings. Hiring events typically involve interviews, and many times also result in immediate job offers. The difference in today's hiring events is that instead of being a large gathering at a certain location, many are taking place on-line, on the phone, and on video.


Find a Hiring Event Near You

To find a hiring event for jobs in your area, watch local news, review local employers and staffing firms' websites, and search on major job sites like Indeed.com.

Hiring Event Search

To narrow down your search, be sure to specify your preferred location.

Sometimes social media platforms, such as Facebook, will have hiring events posted in the events section. Once you find an event, add it to your calendar and start preparing for success.


Prepare for a Virtual Hiring Event

As we mentioned in our previous blog, you should conduct background research on the hiring companies and the job you want. If your virtual event involves any kind of face-to-face opportunity (e.g., video call), you still want to dress professionally and test your software or equipment ahead of time.

Plan ahead and ensure you have an environment with minimal background noie. Look straight into the camera when speaking to the company representative or hiring manager, especially if you get the opportunity to be face-to-face. Even though your interaction is virtual, eye contact is still important in creating a human connection during your interview.

Find more tips on virtual interviews here.


Virtual Hiring Resume

Unlike in-person hiring events, job seekers will not need to bring paper copies of resumes to distribute. Instead, interested candidates should prepare to submit a resume or fill out an application or form prior to an event. Taking the time to fill out a form can seem tedious. However, filling out a form offered by the hiring company could streamline the hiring process in the long run and show that your interest in that company is intentional and serious.

Find answers to virtual hiring event FAQ's here.


Click here to find a Hiring Event near you!



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