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No Diploma? No Problem! MAU Has Jobs For You

Post Author Eryka Cazenave
Nov 1, 2016 4:30:00 AM
Career Tips
No High School Diploma- No Problem!.png

Graduate From High School + Attend College = Find a Successful Career

This is the mindset of the millions of students who graduate and attend colleges and universities ever year. However, data shows, today's students and graduates face higher tuition rates, increased student loan debt, and stiffer job competition when entering the workforce. This poses the question, "Do you need a formal education to find success in today's workforce?" To that, MAU says no!

Making an expensive investment in your education is not the only way to get ahead professionally. Check out these 7 MAU jobs that you can secure right now without a high school diploma or GED!

No high school diploma? No problem! you can find success with MAU in a variety of career paths. Joining the MAU team will place you in a position to grow. Here at MAU, we are a company that is dedicated to making people’s lives better by providing the resources, training, knowledge, experience and personal attention needed to get the job done! We make your success our goal. Let MAU personally support you on your journey to change your life and guide you through the application process, skills training and ultimately, job placement.


1. Warehouse Associate in Lavonia, GA

2. Forklift Operator in Beech Island, SC

3. Packer in Beech Island, SC

4. Forklift Operator in Conyers, GA

5. Support Operator in Thomson, GA

6. Machine Operator in Gaffney, SC

Not having a high school diploma does not mean that you cannot find a successful career to support you and your family. Let MAU help you on your path to success. Here at MAU, we are more than a staffing company. We are mentors and advisers. Yes, we match candidates to relevant job opportunities. But, more than that, we work closely with you to identify your long-term career path; we support your individual growth through skills training and guidance; and we give you personal attention because we know it’s not just about your job – it’s about your life, your family and your future.


MAU is now hiring!

Join the MAU Family!

MAU_Logo_SMALL-01.pngMAU Workforce Solutions is an independent, family-owned company with more than 40 successful years providing staffing, recruiting and outsourcing solutions that connect qualified candidates to companies that need them. More than just a staffing company, we are a partner to clients, enhancing their workforce through an in-depth understanding of their organization, culture and industry. MAU is also a mentor for candidates, helping to define and grow their skills, ensuring the right fit for everyone’s future. We are a company that is dedicated to making people’s lives better by providing the resources, training, knowledge, experience and personal attention needed to get the job done.   

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