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Phone Interview Tips You Should Be Using

Post Author Lee Ann Meyer
Jul 3, 2018 4:50:00 AM
Career Tips
Phone Interview Tips MAU Blog Image

With the introduction of technology in the job market, the interview landscape is ever changing. Many people struggle with the proper way to conduct themselves in different interview settings. Stay ready for whatever interview style an employer may throw your way with these phone interview tips.

Companies use phone interviews for a variety of reasons.  In the staffing industry, it is a great way to quickly and efficiently pre-screen applicants before bringing them in for in-person interviews or assessments.  When you are selected for a phone interview, here are a few basic tips to consider for success.

Be Ready

The interview should have a scheduled time so you’ll know when to expect the call. Be awake and alert when you answer the phone.  Even if you are taking the call on your cell phone, you should be in a stationary place – not driving or walking around.

Be Prepared

Have any pertinent information in front of you (Hire/released dates for previous positions; Dates & institution names of education). You may be asked to verify information even if you have included it in a resume or the work and education history of an application.

Be Clear

Make sure you are in an area that has good reception if the interview will be conducted on a cell phone. Sit in a comfortable but upright position so that you can hold the phone at a reasonable angle to your mouth. Minimize the background noise by finding a quiet place where you can concentrate on the interviewer’s question.

Whether you're preparing for a virtual interview, a standard interview, or interviewing in a round robin or panel style, stay calm and trust MAU to help guide you on your way. For additional tips on how to successfully navigate an interview and additional job market tips and tricks, check out MAU's Job Market Survival Guide!


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