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Why Work Part-Time in School?

Post Author Miranda Bishop
Sep 26, 2018 1:41:05 PM
Career Tips
Work Part-Time Blog Photo

Is it possible to be both a successful student and employee simultaneously? Here at MAU, we say, “Yes it is!”. What many people do not often realize, is that there are major benefits to working part-time while in high school or college. Working part-time gives you a sense of responsibility, which will allow you to develop a better work ethic. 

Part-time positions are imperative for an individual's growth. If you are in college or high school, having a part-time job can make a major impact in your life financially and mentally. Having a job allows you to enhance your skill set in a related or unrelated field of your education. It also allows you to have the opportunity to develop an exceptional work ethic and the ability to manage your time effectively while working towards a career.

When considering a part-time job think of pursuing something that interests you and that is flexible enough to work around the variables in your life. There is no need to wait, start immediately and take an opportunity that will allow you to enhance your future.

Opportunities are endless in part-time jobs because generally little to no experience is required and there are an infinite amount of possibilities. You could earn hard and soft skills in a variety of positions. Options could include: serving, manufacturing, marketing, recruiting, bookkeeping, and many more!

Consider Key Factors:

Part-Time Blog Images-05 Location: Convenience in Your Commute
Part-Time Blog Images-03 Pay: Allows You to Maintain Your Lifestyle
Part-Time Blog Images-01 Flexibility: Able to Adjust with Your Schedule and Work With You
Part-Time Blog Images-04 Company Culture: Alignment with Who You Are and Your Future Goals
Part-Time Blog Images-02  Room for Growth: Enhancing Your Skill Sets and Opportunities for Improvement


The part-time position you take will greatly benefit your future. If you're looking for a part-time job while earning an education, MAU has multiple opportunities available in various locations and in multiple industries.  

Find a Part-Time Job Now!

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