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The Job Seeker's New Year Resolutions Toolkit

Post Author Eryka Cazenave
Dec 28, 2016 6:00:00 PM
Career Tips
Final- The Job Seekers New Year Resolution Toolkit.png

It's the time of year where millions of people make promises to themselves with no real intention of keeping them. If your goal is to obtain a new job in the new year, then you don't have to fall victim to the unfulfilled New Year resolution. We've got five New Year resolutions and the resources you need to stick with them. Check out this job seekers New Year resolutions toolkit!


Resolution #1: Raise Your Rapport

Make this year a year of growth. New connections can mean new opportunities, so it's time to expand your network! There are a plethora of ways to increase the number of connections you have. Get connected on Linkedin. With hundreds of millions of members, Linkedin is the worlds largest professional social network. If you're looking for more face-to-face options, try increasing your presence at events where potential employers might be. Join professional networks in your area, attend charity events, and get involved with extracurricular activities that will improve your resume.

Resolution #2: Get Uncomfortable

Nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable this new year! Thinking outside of the box can help you stand out among the competition in a competitive job market. Get creative: build a video or infographic resume. Get active: volunteer at your desired company. Get savvy: build a presentation for your interview or solve an existing problem the company might be facing. This year is not about waiting for opportunities to come to you, it's about seeking out the new opportunities before you!

Resolution #3: Peerless Personal Brand

This is the year of YOU! Be sure that you are presenting your most authentic and polished self online and in person. Your personal brand must be genuine, honest, unmatched by others, and a culmination of the things that make you, you! Start perfecting your personal brand by Googling yourself. By doing this you can see what personal and professional information is already out there, what information needs to be edited, and what you would like removed, and then take action! Once you've tackled Google, move on to your social media accounts. You can find out how to clean-up your social media profiles here.

Resolution #4: Be Realistic

This year, put your quest for your dream job in perspective. Self-reflection can be difficult, but it is important to be realistic in your job search. It's important to be realistic in your capabilities, potential for continued development, and willingness to grow. You must also remember to be realistic in the expectation of your hiring timeline. The time of year of your job search can be a major factor in your success. A company's hiring season often takes place after budgets are approved - which is typically October or January. Many people take vacations in the summer, so it tends to be the slowest times for hiring while January, is often the busiest time of the year for job seekers. If you keep these things in mind it will help you in setting realistic expectations in your job search for the new year.

Resolution #5: Reinforce Your Resume

It should not be enough to simply update your resume with a new address or new contact information. This year you should be striving to build your resume. Get enrolled in a new class through a local university or online platform like Coursera, pick up a new skill set, or volunteer with a charity. These are all key areas of your resume that will be reviewed by recruiters and hiring managers when searching for a job. It's time to present the best you possible. Let 2017 represent a new and IMPROVED you!

Your new job is waiting for you in 2017. Be prepared to take advantage of the opportunties that lie before you with this New Year resolution toolkit. For guidance throughout the year, subscribe to MAU's Career Tips newsletter below!

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