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What is a Hiring Event and How do I Prepare for One?

Post Author Eryka Cazenave
Jun 12, 2018 4:53:10 PM
Career Tips
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A hiring event- also know as a job fair, career expo, career fair or a recruiting event- is an event typically held by employers, schools, or recruiters that offer on-the-spot interviews to interested candidates.

Hiring events are usually held at convention centers, hotels, or businesses. Interested candidates are offered the opportunity to attend the hiring event during the scheduled date and time, to meet and interview directly with a recruiter, hiring manager, or panel. Be prepared for your next hiring event with these five steps.

      1. Gather Pertinent Information
      2. Do Your Background Research
      3. Dress for Success
      4. Bring Printed Copies of Your Resume
      5. Seize Your Interview Opportunity


Step 1: Gather Pertinent Information

First things first, you must have all of the necessary information to attend the hiring event. Always be sure you know the date, time, and location of the event. You will also want to find out what jobs or companies the event is conducting interviews for.  

Step 2: Do Your Background Research

One sure way to stand out at a mass hiring event is showcasing your knowledge of the employer and position you plan to interview for. Be sure to visit the company's website and gather basic background information to impress your interviewer. 

Step 3: Dress for Success 

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Be sure to dress for success! For tips on what to wear to an interview, check these out!

Step 4: Bring Printed Copies of Your Resume

The purpose of a resume is to grab the attention of your potential employer. Research states that once a hiring manager opens your resume, you have 10-20 seconds to impress them. It is important that your resume stands out among the crowd for all of the right reasons. Be sure to bring at least 3 printed copies of your resume to the hiring event to hand out to multiple employers or recruiters. You will also want to steer clear of these ten resume fails that can keep you from getting the job.

Step 5: Seize Your Interview Opportunity

Interviews are your way of connecting your professional experience and personality. Being fully prepared for an interview, no matter what the position or level, is paramount to your future and success. Use these helpful interview techniques to prepare for your next instant interview hiring event.

Whether you're actively looking for a new job or currently working and looking to make a change, consider these tips and come see us at our next event. We'd love the opportunity to help you put your new hiring event techniques to the test!

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