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MAU 101: Why Should You Work For A Staffing Agency?

Post Author Maria Ruiz
Jul 15, 2020 11:49:10 AM
Career Tips
Reasons to Work for a Staffing Agency

As explained on the MAU 101: How can a Staffing Company help your Business?' blog, a staffing agency helps businesses identify, qualify, and contact talented individuals that companies probably couldn't find independently. So, what are the benefits of a staffing agency for you as a candidate?

You can find information on what a staffing agency is and how they can help companies, but there's little information on how working through a staffing agency helps YOU.

Today, you will learn how working through a Staffing Agency impacts your life positively in more ways than you can imagine. Keep reading and at the end, you can get inspired by Quelisa's testimonial on how working for MAU changed her life.


  • Easier Job Hunt Process
    When you work through a staffing agency, you can see a benefit from the very beginning. The only thing you need to do is access the job board, and you can find a wide variety of available jobs based on your needs. In addition to jobs, you will also find variety of different companies!

    At MAU's job board you can find jobs for all levels of experience; it doesn't matter where you are in your career, we have a job for you. 

    We also have available positions for different careers and skillsets, if you're looking for a manufacturing type of job, a management position, or maybe a clerical career, we've covered all the bases.

  • Access To World-Leading Companies
    Some world-leading companies don't make direct-hires for several reasons that you can find here. Many times, the only way to access those companies is working through a staffing agency.

    You can join the MAU team at international companies such as: BMW, Samsung, Kimberly-Clark, Textron, Milliken, just to name a few.

  • Help Finding the Right Job - Faster
    Let's say you're applying for a position directly with the client, and you don't have a certification or meet a requirement, there's a high chance you won't get a callback.

    Staffing agencies work with candidates to help place them in a job. At MAU we take one step further, and we work with you to find a job based on your needs and qualifications from the positions we have available. If you don't meet the requirements for one job, we will offer you options B, C, and D!

Now that you know why you should work for MAU, we'd love to have you join our team! We have many upcoming Hiring Events on the books on different locations, you can see which one is nearby you here.

If you want to learn about what a virtual hiring event is and how to prepare for one, stay tuned, the third series of the MAU 101 is coming soon.

Don't hear it from us; hear it from Quelisa. She's been with MAU at Kimberly-Clark for three and a half years,  and she started as a Packer and she moved up all the way a Micro-lab Technician. She's more than positive that working through MAU, you can move up!

If you want to see her whole story, see the video below.



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